To us at TexstarOil Group, sustainability means integrating business with the environment and contributing to the well-being of the people and the nation wherever we operate. While we conduct our business according to our rigorous principle of corporate governance and adhering to the laws and regulations, while we embark on ambitious philanthropic initiatives, emphasis is also given on sustainable business practices, responsible workplace conditions, equal rights among our team members, freedom of expressions, religious practice and empowering our Communities, both internal TexstarOil-lites and the greater society, to strive for better quality of life, now and in the future.

Our strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives provide the platform for TexstarOil Group and the community to evolve together through three (3) focus areas:

  • Da’wah
  • Community well-being and development
  • Environment

Our CSR initiatives are also aimed at creating shared values with our Communities, in line with TexstarOil Group’s agenda to move forward together with the community.

We also work closely with our key stakeholders including clients, strategic partners, suppliers, government agencies and non-profit organisations in engaging with our Communities.


While we have ambitious plans of philanthropic programs, we start small in one step at a time, and we begin from the very surrounding of our workplace with the people in it that we call our family members at work, the TexstarOil-lites.

Here, we have implemented many initiatives with the emphasis to promote sustainable business practices and responsible workplace conditions. These include the simple act of turning off lights and air-conditioning in the office when not necessary, a concentrated yet ‘ideal’ 7-hour work-day that allows our team members to beat the rush-hour traffic from 9.30am to 4.30am which encourages high-efficiency and a work-life balance lifestyle, while at the same time promoting environmental-friendliness in our quest to reduce carbon footprint by avoiding long traffic-queue.

We also habitually dine in the office during lunch, sometimes through potluck servings like a little kenduri. Most of all, we encourage our Muslim brothers to conduct group prayers (solat berjemaah) to promote togetherness during religious practice in the office as we know that through pure religious practice will our mind and body be purified that helps construct a healthy life and effective work attitude.

Also, we put the 3-Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) into practice by ensuring that we use only environmentally friendly items like biodegradable materials, paper bags as well as using the back of unwanted printed papers for printing, encouraging our team members and partners to send soft copy without having to print in hard copy format, separating office waste for responsible disposal and recycling materials as much as possible.

As a result, we have successfully inculcated an environmentally-conscious, sustainability-driven and muafakat-orientated corporate culture at the workplace.


In the greater scheme of our CSR initiatives, we have very mighty plans that we carry out regularly and cyclically. Here is a snapshot of the CSR programs that we have previously implemented as well as those we do continuously, including initiatives that we have in the pipeline.

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Global Islamic Conference
In this era of time, where Islam is perceived in the manner which is wrong, the proper approach in emphasizing better understanding of Islam should be done correctly and in the manner of openness.

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World Chinese Writers Conference
When it comes to appreciation, the boundary of geographical and race never been a concern. Thus, in 2014 we have organized the World Chinese Writers...

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East Coast Flood Relief Program
In the previous tragedy that struck the whole Malaysia, where a flood that almost wiped off everything in the east coast earlier this year, we realized that our organization would...

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Embracing Rasulullah (SAW)
Another collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism only that the promotional intend was not general. In this era where Islam and Muslims perceived wrongly, we have organized an event...

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Charity Fare Program
The average of the homeless, the unfortunate materially been growing these past few years due to the economic challenge that proven too harsh on some. Us, the fortunate, blessed with more...

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